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Your Mobile Physio is your local physiotherapist in Sydney.

We provide mobile physiotherapy across the entire Sydney region, with a dedicated team of qualified physiotherapists who can come to your home, office, institution, care facility or nursing home. Our physiotherapists reside across Sydney, and we can send out a physio in your local area for a quick response to get you back on track and feeling your best.

Our team are industry professionals and can help accelerate your recovery with a range of techniques learned through years of experience. We are licenced, have all insurances and are an NDIS accredited provider. We allow Private Health cover, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC – Medicare with Dr Referral), DVA and also work with patients under Workcover and CTP. We bring all the equipment needed for treatment including a massage table and more.

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    What is a Mobile Physiotherapist?

    A mobile physiotherapist is just like an ordinary physiotherapist that you would see in a clinic, the only difference is that they come to you, as opposed to you having to travel to a clinic. It is a common misconception that clients think they won’t get the same treatment as what they would in a clinic. However, it is quite the opposite.

    A personal visit from one of our mobile physios ensures you get one on one time for the whole consultation. They come with their own massage table and all other equipment that you would see in a normal practice, such as ultrasound machines. Thankfully, all physio equipment is small in size and is easily transportable in a vehicle so our physios use the same tools you would get at a clinic.

    Often in clinic a physiotherapist will see multiple patients at once, with a consultation only involving partial participation from the physiotherapist. At Your Mobile Physio you receive the physiotherapists full attention for the duration of the visit, in the comfort of your own space. On top of that, you don’t have to travel to a clinic, which saves you time, but also helps those that are unable to get to a clinic due to their injury.

    Advantages of using a
    Mobile Physiotherapist vs a Traditional Clinic

    Clinic Physio

    Customers often have to wait even
    with an appointment as clinics
    run behind schedule.

    Patients have to travel to and from a clinic, wasting time. It’s also difficult for patients that are unable to get to a clinic due to their injury.

    Patients in clinics often realise their consultation time is shared between other patients. Heat pack and ultra sound machines are often left on patients whilst others are attended to.

    A clinic offers the ability to claim and pay using Private Health Funds, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC – Medicare with Dr Referral), DVA, Workcover, CTP and the NDIS

    Mobile Physio

    No wait times, we come at the time you book.

    We come to your home, office, care facility or hospital saving you travel time and helping patients who are unable to travel due to their injures.

    Our physios dedicate the whole consultation
    to you and only you, ensuring the best possible
    treatment and fastest recovery.

    We also offer our clients the ability to claim and pay using Private Health Funds, Enhanced Primary Care (EPC – Medicare with Dr Referral), DVA, Workcover, CTP and the NDIS.

    NDIS Physiotherapist

    Your Mobile Physio is registered as a National Disability Insurance Scheme provider. All our physiotherapists are trained to work with patients with various disabilities. The scheme is a great program offered by the government which provides a paid allowance for treatment to anyone under the age of 65 with a disability. Patients can apply under the NDIS to have physio performed by one of our NDIS accredited physiotherapists.

    Mobile Physiotherapy for patients with disabilities offers great convenience. No longer do you have to travel to a clinic which has been very difficult in the past for patients with mobility disabilities. Our NDIS physio can come to you and perform treatment in the comfort of your home, hospital or care facility across Sydney.

    Physiotherapy is a great idea for patients with disabilities to help improve their general well-being. Regular physiotherapy has had great results for many of our patients with disabilities, with noticeable improvement. Mobile physio can help improve pain relief and even improve mobility and strength in cases. It can help improve confidence in general. We are able to see patients with long-term disabilities and also patients that have recently been diagnosed with a disability. Different treatment plans can be offered to tailor a strategy to get the most out of our treatments.

    Your mobile Physio works with planners and private clients under the NDIS. We can help prepare a plan for treatment and can work with other medical professionals to ensure you get the best results. Our NDIS Physiotherapists are available all across Sydney. We can travel to any location, Monday to Saturday, at a convenient time for you. Feel free to contact one of our accredited NDIS physiotherapists today for more information.


    Check out more information at the NDIS website at www.ndis.gov.au

    What's Our Clients Say

    • We have used Your Mobile Physio on numerous occasions to treat staff who have been injured in the workplace. They have made the process easy for us and our staff. They have been able to perform physiotherapy on site in our meeting rooms, making it convenient for staff and management. They have also bee able […]

      Simon Wowk
      Party Hire Group
    • The Your Mobile Physio team has been a blessing. I recently rolled my ankle very badly coming down the stairs at home whilst carrying my son. I called and they were able to fit me in the next morning. They came out to my home and started treating me straight away. It was very convenient […]

      Jenny Saunders
      Rolled Ankle
    • Thumbs up to Your Mobile Physio. After falling off a motorbike at high speed I required a lot of treatment to recover. Everything from the original assessment, to dealing with the injuries and implementing a plan for recovery was all spot on. The exercises I was given to do in between sessions helped me a […]

      Tim Perthell
      Motorbike Accident
    • Well done Your Mobile Physio. You provide an impeccable service that is fast, efficient and convenient. With our large team of tradesmen working on job sites that often require a lot of physical lifting and moving, injuries can happen despite all the efforts we put in place to have an injury-free workplace. Your treatment always […]

      Luke Zahra
      Carpentry Co

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