Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for the sporting athlete differs slightly from the treatment of general population. A sportspersons body, tendons, muscles and ligaments go through much more stress and tension compared to that of a non-sporting background. Some athletes find they have an acute injury (it just happened), while others suffer from a chronic injury (an old injury that keeps playing up).

With multiple training sessions per week, a game day (or two) it is vital that a sporting athlete has a good physical performance plan put into place.).This may include sufficient rest and recovery time, proper diet and a physical recovery routine.

At Your Mobile Physio, we understand the needs and demands of an athlete and enjoy determining the source of your problem, treating your injury and guiding you to become the best athlete on the field. We not only assist in reducing your pain, regaining your range of movement and strength, but can tailor a home exercise program specially suited to your injury, goals and sport to have your more confident upon return from injury.

A sportsperson also endures bruises, bumps, hits, corks, dislocations, muscle tears, meniscus tears, joint sprains and strains all which are vital to be assessed by a sports physiotherapist.

At Your Mobile Physio our qualified university physiotherapist will assess your sporting injury and be able to tell you some vital information:

Assess and diagnose your injury (muscle, ligament, joint)

Can you continue playing/training?

Should you rest and if so, for how long?

Do you require further investigation (CT/MRI or specialist review)?

Continue training with a modified exercise routine, which we will guide you through until you are ready to return the field

Sports people must look at their bodies that like that of a race car that is being pushed day after day. Just as the racecar spends time in the mechanic getting a tune-up, your body also deserves a tune-up. Sometimes you may not have an injury although you feel the slightest of pains, tight muscles, cramps, easily fatiguing muscle or poor movement.

These are general signs that you are due for a session with a sports physiotherapist, shall you continue to play on the load may be forced on to your muscle or tendon causing pain and inflammation which can reduce muscle power and function and lead to an injury to start forming. Don’t wait until its too late, book a session with a sports physiotherapist straight away!