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Your Mobile Physio is registered as a National Disability Insurance Scheme provider. All our physiotherapists are trained to work with patients with various disabilities. The scheme is a great program offered by the government which provides a paid allowance for treatment to anyone under the age of 65 with a disability. Patients can apply under the NDIS to have physio performed by one of our NDIS accredited physiotherapists.

Mobile Physiotherapy for patients with disabilities offers great convenience. No longer do you have to travel to a clinic which has been very difficult in the past for patients with mobility disabilities. Our NDIS physio can come to you and perform treatment in the comfort of your home, hospital or care facility in Sydney.

Physiotherapy is a great idea for patients with disabilities to help improve their general well-being. Regular physiotherapy has had great results for many of our patients with disabilities, with noticeable improvement. Mobile physio can help improve pain relief and even improve mobility and strength in cases. It can help improve confidence in general. We are able to see patients with long-term disabilities and also patients that have recently been diagnosed with a disability. Different treatment plans can be offered to tailor a strategy to get the most out of our treatments.

Your mobile Physio works with planners and private clients under the NDIS. We can help prepare a plan for treatment and can work with other medical professionals to ensure you get the best results. Our NDIS Physiotherapists are available all across Sydney. We can travel to any location, Monday to Saturday, at a convenient time for you. Feel free to contact one of our accredited NDIS physiotherapists today for more information.

Check out more information at the NDIS website at http://www.ndis.gov.au/

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