Sports Physiotherapy

Sports mobile Physiotherapy in Sydney is what we do best. With many of our physios also having degrees in Sports Science, Your Mobile Physio is your number one choice when it comes to sports physio.

We can attend training sessions and come to your club and provide sports first aid on game day. Players can be assessed and treated on site and given the right rehabilitation exercises to return to playing at their peak. We will follow the players injury from day one and develop a greater understanding as to why the injury occurred, how we can fix it and how we can decrease injury throughout the team.

Your Mobile Physio can:

  • Treat any player of any sport
  • Treat the whole team
  • Provide preseason assessments and provide physiotherapy for any problems found
  • Rehabilitate a player recovering from surgery

Your mobile physio can also offer Kinesiology taping. This tape is thin and has an elastic consistency that sticks to the skin and is capable of staying on during physical contact and sweating, making it ideal for sport. The tape is useful for preventing sporting injury as well as supporting muscles and joints and reducing inflammation.

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