Onsite Physiotherapy

Your Mobile Physio can visit your businesses or organisation and conduct a range of onsite physiotherapy.

Clients we have worked with have found that a proactive injury management policy can help a workplace avoid common issues such as lost productivity and staff absenteeism due to injury. Onsite physiotherapy can help improve staff health and well-being and ultimately help boost morale and create a positive workplace culture.

If a regular injury is occurring at your workplace, it might be worthwhile for one of our specialist workplace physiotherapists to come in and assess your onsite conditions. Neck and back injuries are very common in the workplace. Office based injures are often incurred as staff spend long days on the computer in the same position. This might be easily fixed by improving the ergonomic set up of workstations, with either replacement or simple adjustments to chairs, desks computer stands and raised platforms. We can also implement a program of stretches and exercises for staff to do to prevent workplace strain.

For workplaces that require manual loading and unloading, we can also assess techniques used by staff and help implement safer methods to reduce workplace injury. Often techniques can be adjusted in just one session, providing long-term health benefits for staff and reduced injury associated costs for business owners. We can tailor a training program to ensure that staff are better protected from a workplace injury.

Your mobile Physio can also provide health checks on site for any staff member.

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