NDIS and Physiotherapy

Our team at Your Mobile Physio is glad to be an NDIS registered organisation, meaning those of you covered under the NDIS are eligible to receive home physiotherapy. We understand that it may be difficult for you to leave your home to receive physiotherapy in a traditional clinic and are happy to offer physiotherapy within your own home.

The benefits of this include being able to assess your home environment, bedroom, bathroom and living spaces ensuring they are safe and give you tips on safety and reducing risks of falls within the home. Our physiotherapists will also complete a full assessment of checking a range of movement, muscle strength, balance and mobility, putting you through a series of tests to determine the best prescription for you.

We also believe its important to ask and determine what your goals are, this may include more freedom in your own home, reducing pain, improving movement in your body, improving balance or maintaining current mobility. Other clients are happy to be prescribed a new walker so that they can walk around the shops, attend social activities and have a more enjoyable daily life than being stuck inside the home.

Our physiotherapists are also able to identify other issues you may have and refer on to other allied health professionals (such as speech pathology, occupational therapists, podiatry) to get the best out of your NDIS package. We believe a multi-disciplinary approach is sometimes best and are happy to communicate with your GP, specialist, support workers, plan manager or another therapist to all work on the same goal of improving your daily living.

At the time of your initial consultation, the physiotherapist will assess you, your home, your function and consult with you and your plan manager (if you have one) to determine how many sessions you are available to have and need. Once this is determined they will provide you with a service agreement, putting it all down on paper which both you the NDIS participant and the NDIS physiotherapist signs. It is then lodged online through the NDIS portal, and you are ready to begin your home physiotherapy journey.

Here at Your Mobile Physio we also understand that not every NDIS participant has a significant amount of funding to have regular physiotherapy. In this situation after your assessment, your physiotherapist will create an exercise program and on your next consult train your support worker/family who can then complete the exercise program with you. Your Physio will then come back in a fortnight/month and check in and upgrade your exercises to help you achieve your goals!